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  • Hand Surgery

    Wrist Fracture - Conditions

    Hand surgery is performed to restore the structure and functionality of the fingers, wrist and hand secondary to...

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  • LRTI for Thumb CMC Arthritis

    LRTI (Ligament Reconstruction and Tendon Interposition) for Thumb CMC Arthritis - Procedures

    LRTI (ligament reconstruction and tendon interposition) is a surgical procedure that is most...

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  • Nerve Transfers

    Nerve Transfers - Procedures

    A nerve transfer is a surgical procedure in which a portion of a healthy nerve is transferred to the site of a damaged nerve.

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  • Wrist Open Reduction and Internal Fixation

    Wrist Open Reduction and Internal Fixation - Procedures

    Open reduction and internal fixation of the wrist is a surgical technique employed for the treatment of severe wrist...

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  • Trigger Finger Release

    Trigger Finger Release - Procedures

    Trigger finger release is a surgical procedure employed in the treatment of a condition called trigger finger.

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  • Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery

    Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery - Procedures

    Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common, painful, progressive condition that is caused by the compression of the median...

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  • Hand Fracture Care

    Hand Fracture Care - Procedures

    A hand fracture is a break in one of the bones in the hand, which occurs when force greater than the bearable limit is...

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  • Wrist Fracture Fixation

    Wrist Fracture Fixation - Procedures

    Wrist fractures are breaks in any of the bones that form your wrist joint.

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  • Finger Joint Implant

    Finger Joint Implant

    A finger joint implant is an artificial joint made of metal, plastic, or pyrocarbon components that are used to...

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  • Thumb Joint Implant

    Thumb Joint Implant

    A thumb joint implant is an artificial joint made of metal or pyrocarbon components that are used to replace a...

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